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Check frequently asked questions, or view full usage guides for hosts and participants.

  • What is a GroupMic room?
    GroupMic creates a virtual room for any gathering where the audience can participate in the discussion using their own phones. Audience members can join a 'room', or a GroupMic event, when they want to add to the discussion.
  • How do I join a GroupMic event/room?
    Make sure you've given GroupMic your name that can be recognized by the event moderator/host. To change your name, go to Settings > Change your name. Return to the main screen and make sure you are connected to the same Wifi network as the event host's smartphone. Wait for GroupMic to find all the GroupMic rooms available. Press the name of the GroupMic room that you wish to participate in and enter the event PIN. If the event you're trying to join is Private, you will need to tap 'Join room' and enter the name of the GroupMic room manually.
  • How do I fix latency issues?
    Move closer to a router or Wifi access point for better connection. GroupMic streams audio over the internet, so the latency of an event is dependent on the network you are using.
  • Why isn't the GroupMic event I'm trying to join appearing on my screen?
    Check to make sure you are connected to the same Wifi network as the event moderator/host. If you are not on the same Wifi network, GroupMic won't be able to find the nearby GroupMic event you're trying to join. If possible, ask your event moderator/host if the room is set as Public. If the event is Private, it won't appear on the main screen. Try tapping 'Join Manually' on the main screen and entering the name of the room manually.
  • Why do I have to give GroupMic my name?
    It doesn't have to be your real name, but the name you enter in Settings will be what the event moderator/host will recognize you by. When you join the event or send a speak request, the event host will see your name - so make sure the name you enter is appropriate and respectful.
  • Can I go to other apps while I am speaking?
    Yes. To do so: Press and hold the Speak button with one finger, and with another finger, tap the Lock icon at the top right of the speaking screen. Release the Speak button, and GroupMic will lock the state of the button and let you talk without holding down the button. While in this state, you can navigate to other apps and GroupMic will stream your voice in the background.
  • Why does GroupMic get stuck loading while trying to join a room?
    The room you're trying to join has either just closed, or the name that you're using to enter the room is already taken. Try entering the room again. Ensure that you're also using the correct Wifi network.
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