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Power to Participate

GroupMic is an application meant to assist in large, in-person meetings, forums, presentations, and discussions. Using venue Wifi and speaker systems, GroupMic eliminates the need for passing a microphone around or blocking the aisles with lines of people waiting for a turn to speak. Event hosts can just plug their smartphone into the venue's speakers or PA system, and audience members can just join the event on GroupMic from their seats. 

Our Story

Back in late 2019, sitting in the back of a large meeting hall, we watched as a mic runner ran up and down the aisles to people who wished to participate in the discussion. He would almost trip over the cord attached to the microphone as he bent over backwards to hand it to someone who sat in the middle of a row. When the person was finished speaking, the mic runner would have to walk across to the other end of the meeting hall to hand someone else the microphone. We thought to ourselves that there should be a better way to give people a chance to speak in large meetings like this. We also thought to ourselves that a wireless microphone would be too expensive and also still difficult to pass around the room. Thus, the idea for GroupMic was born. 

Fast forward to today: there is still much work to do on GroupMic, but we are absolutely ecstatic that the first version of GroupMic is available for free on Android and iOS.


GroupMic respects your privacy and collects minimal amounts of data, strictly for app functionality purposes and doesn't share data with any 3rd parties. 

The only data that GroupMic collects:

  1. Location​​. GroupMic asks for the location permission so that it can get the name of the network that you are connected to.
  2. Your name. GroupMic asks that you enter a name so that you can be recognized while entering an event. It doesn't have to be your real name, but GroupMic saves this name so you don't have to enter it every time you create/join a GroupMic event.

Contact Us

Any questions or suggestions about GroupMic? Let us know and we'll answer as soon as we can.

To-Do for future GroupMic versions:

  • Improved audio latency - new streaming mode will be available soon

  • Refactoring + code clean up

    • Clean architecture patterns - MVVM​

  • Reduce reliance on third party services (Agora)

    • Custom audio streaming + messaging code 

  • Improved event security measures

  • Null safety

  • Multiple languages and localization

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