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Level up your in-person meetings

GroupMic™ is an application meant to assist in large group discussions by turning audience members' smartphones into wireless microphones. Hassle free, just plug the event moderator's smartphone into the venue's PA system.

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Device Mockup created from <a href="">iPhone mockups</a>

device frames.png
Conference Crowd

Don't bother passing around the microphone.
Everyone already has one.

Quick & easy setup

Just plug in your smartphone into a speaker system via headphone jack so your audience can participate. GroupMic does the rest for you.

Live audio streaming

Audience members speak into their smartphones, and their voice will be played out your venue's speakers. No need for an expensive microphone and receiver, everyone has a microphone in their pocket already. 

Manage your audience

Speak requests are displayed in order for the event host to view and manage. Always know who's speaking and who's up next.

done gif.gif

Audience members: want to add to the discussion?

No need to leave your seat.

With GroupMic™, just tap to request a turn to speak at your event. When it's your turn, touch and hold to speak into your smartphone - your voice will be streamed to the event host and played out your event's PA system!


Download GroupMic™ today!

Contact us for any feedback, suggestions, or issues!

Get it on Google Play
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